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  6. Previous Job # (if job is an Exact Repeat or Repeat with Change)
  7. Whether the job is an Exact Repeat (E/R), Repeat with Change (R/C) or New order. (If job is a R/C or New order then we will need new artwork provided or typesetting charges will apply)
We will also need the following information to place the order correctly.
  • What the item is?
  • What is the quantity that you need printed?
  • Is the job one color or multiple colors? Is it black, PMS colors, or CMYK?
  • Is there any printing on the back of the piece? or on the flap?
  • Is there any other special information that is needed to complete your job? For example, tints, bleeds, heavy solids? Specifically for envelopes is there any latex, quik stik, special window placement (see how to give specs for a window in our FAQ section), diamond borders?
  • Other special information that may be needed would also consist of folding, clasps, perforating, drilling,
  • Finally, we will need all shipping information and the method of shipment that should be used for the order.
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